To teach at the national and international level extra biomechanics skills to individuals who are visually impaired, motor and intellectual impaired, as well as the general public. These skills act as reflexes resulting in injury prevention due to natural and/or accidental falls.

These skills promote the development of safety in individuals themselves and with the environment around them, which improve their quality of life, overcoming fears and decreasing risk levels both in sports and urban activities.



We seek more and more instructors in the world to train people with and without disabilities in this technique, and provide the possibility to connect marathoners and guides so that they can run in any city in the world.

We aspire to be a promoter organization that educates in techniques of falling and protection of our body in all sociocultural fields.



  • ETHICS:Personal conduct consistent with the permanent cause of preserving our health.
  • HONESTY: Integrity, sincerity, transparency of our way of being, feeling and transmitting; thereby achieving harmony and balance from teaching to learning.
  • SOLIDARITY: Identifying, empathizing and cooperating with different global groups and with society in general.
  • RESPONSIBLILITY: Fulfillment of our commitments, large and small at the labor and social level.
  • DEMOCRATIC: Decentralized, collegial in its decisions, not discriminating and open to always undertake something else to be able to include it in our methodology.